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Kat's Circulating Tank Heater - 2,000 Watts 41 to 60 Quart Tank w/ 120 Volt Cord 13200

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Circulating Tank Heater. Fluid Capacity: 41-60 quart. 2000 Watts @ 120 Volts. The circulating tank heater is designed to keep the coolant in your engine warm. This product helps stimulate warm temperatures, gives quicker starts and protects your engine from damage that can occur during cold weather starts. New lower radiator hose connectors. Installations easier and simpler. Fits most liquid cooled engines. Equipped with check valve.

If you are a car junkie, you certainly keep all the systems and parts of your vehicle in perfect condition. Surely, the cooling system is no exception, and if you want your vehicle to function at its full potential, the high-quality performance cooling parts we offer are just what the doctor ordered. This product has a heavy-duty construction to be reliable and durable enough to hold up to hard use and wear. So, if you're looking for performance cooling parts with increased capacity and heat transfer capability, we will have you covered.

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