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Trailer Couplers

Farmer Bob's trailer couplers are the standard by which all others are measured. No other competitor offers the combination of heavy-duty materials, unique features and replaceable parts for outstanding performance and long life. That’s why Farmer Bob's is the right selection for your heavy duty towing needs, whether its utility hauling, horses & livestock, cargo or construction trailer applications.
Farmer Bob's offers an industry-exclusive automatic and continuously tight ball fit. A variety of coupler styles, tongue mounts and latches allow configurations to match virtually any trailer. To assure level operation, adjustable couplers enable you to match your trailer to a variety of different towing vehicles.

All Farmer Bob's couplers offer a range of safety and convenience features:

Adjustable lock nut for proper ball tension
Locking hole in coupler handle
Positive locking trigger
To select the correct coupler:

Choose the ball size that best matches the trailer weight
Choose the channel width and style that matches the trailer tongue