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ZeroStart Circulation Tank Heater 16 - 25 Quarts w/ 1,500 Watts & 120 Volts 3308003

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1.90 LBS

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CSA approved 120 Volts 1,500 Watts with 12.5 Amps 5/8" Inlet/Outlet (16 MM).
Cylindrical design of the circulation engine heater and universal mounting strap allow for convenient new or replacement installations.
Integral check valve supports extensive range of plumbing configurations.
New top-side location of power cord connections provides damage protection from road debris or substance.
Temperature sensing thermostat provides overheat protection.
This lead-free heater is made out of recyclable aluminum plastic and copper.
Light-duty, off road, industrial and agricultural applications.
Rugged die cast aluminum construction is corrosion and impact resistant.
New detachable power cord enhances ease of installation.
Copper heating element provides excellent heat transfer.

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