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Tuff Top Tractor Canopy Red 44" x 44" 302022164

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The 44" x 44" TuffTop is a lightweight sunshade canopy specifically designed for small to mid-sized compact tractors and zero turn lawn mowers equipped with roll bars. Includes mounting brackets and fits all square and rectangular roll bars 2" x 2" up to 2" x 3".


* Panels: UV Protected Thermoplastic
* Frame: Hot-Rolled Steel, Powder Coated
* Height: Overall Height: 4-7/8" (Height above roll bar: 5" Vertical)
* Width: 44"
* Length: 44"
* Coverage: 13.23 sq. ft. - actual
* Tilt Range: 16 degrees Forward or Backward
* Weight: Roll Bar Mounting Bracket: 8 lbs., Canopy : 24 lbs.


* Removes and Reattaches in Seconds
* Universal Mounting Bracket
* Adjusts to Roll Bar Lean
* Affordable
* Ships via UPS
* Assembly required

 Thermoplastic Construction

It's really hard to break a TuffTop. Constructed of high-density thermoplastic, you can bend it double, and it simply pops back into shape. This is the same material used in the manufacture of highway crash barrels, and UV inhibitors are included to extend equipment life. It is durable, resilient, flexible, and best of all affordable.

 Removes and Reattaches in Seconds

With TuffTop, you get:

 1. A sunshade that is properly sized to fit your equipment.

2. A sunshade that folds down into the seat for transport in a few seconds without tools.

3. A sunshade that doesn't tear up when it hits an obstruction.
4. A sunshade that you can remove and reattach in seconds without tools from the seated position all by yourself.

 No longer do you have to choose between worker comfort and productivity. In fact, if you are more comfortable, you will get more work done in a shorter time than ever before.

 Universal Mounting Bracket

The included mounting bracket will fit any rectangular roll bar (ROPS) measuring up to 2 inches tall and up to 3 inches deep. This means the bracket will fit most small to mid-sized compact tractors and zero-turn mowers (when equipped with ROPS), in addition to some rough mowers, fairway mowers, greens mowers and certain ATVs.

 The mounting bracket is also adjustable to provide a level or near-level canopy elevation when the roll bar leans within a 32 degree range; from 16 degrees forward to 16 degrees backward.

In spite of its unique design features, TuffTop is still one of the least expensive convertible canopies on the market.

Because of its modular design, if one of the components becomes damaged (unlikely) or lost, you can replace that part only. This means TuffTop provides you the lowest lifetime ownership cost. It costs fewer cents per day to own a TuffTop than any other canopy.


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