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Pioneer 3/8" Self Relieving Tip For Air Seeders Used on JD Replaces AA59671 0303-050

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Although this male tip looks very similar to the standard 3/8” FF or FEM series coupling products, it features one of the most unique designs to be released from engineering. The air seeder market was facing challenges of hydraulic motor seals failing due to thermal expansion and improperly connected case drain lines. In the event that an end user forgets to connect this coupling to a return-to-tank line, the poppet valve opens at 10 psi and vents trapped oil to atmosphere. This prevents the motor seal from failing, avoiding costly downtime situations during planting season
This item is used on the following models John Deere:
  • Planters, Air Seeders, Series 6, Series 7 and Series 9 Tractors
  • This item is equivalent to John Deere #AA59671.


  • Do not use the standard Pioneer FF-372-* or FEM-372* products in this application.
  • This pressure relieving tip can also be used on air seeders of any make to prevent motor seal damage. Please contact Pioneer if you have questions about your application or the coupler used on a specific tractor make or model.

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