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Old Style JI Case Male Tip to Pioneer Female Body, Replaces S25-4-8 4085-4

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Body Size: 1/2 inch
Connection 2 Style: J I Case (old style) female socket
Connection 1 Style: Pioneer (ISO 5675) male tip
Brand: Pioneer
Function: Adapt a J I Case (old style) male tip to Pioneer style (ISO 5675)
Pioneer Agricultural Quick Coupling Adapters provide the most reliable and exacting interchange in the industry. These Adapters allow specific male tip styles to connect with a different female coupler style. For example: To connect a farm implement that has a J I Case tip to a tractor with a Pioneer coupler socket, an adapter must be used to convert the two connector styles.

Pioneer Adapters offer a complete range of interchange styles to convert quick coupling connections without replacing the existing male tip on the implement. Interchange profiles include Pioneer, John Deere, International Harvester, J I Case, and Ford/ISO.

Technical Characteristics:
• Size: 1/2”
• Material: Steel
• Conversion Styles: Pioneer, John Deere, International Harvester, J I Case, and Ford/ISO

• Agriculture

• Wide range of connection styles to convert implement male tips without replacing them
• Connection styles include Pioneer and major farm equipment brand profiles
• Hardened locking ball groove resists wear for increased durability and protection from Brinelling
• Positive valve stop prevents flow checking for smooth performance

• Tractor attachments / implements
• Agricultural farm equipment  
• Hydraulic Loaders
• Ag/mobile attachments

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