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Hydraulic Motor Driven Poly Centrifugal Pump 1" FNPT Suction, 3/4" FNPT Discharge. FMC-75-HYD-204 FMC-75-HYD-204

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18.50 LBS

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Designed for starter fertilizer and small sprayer applications
Replace 12V diaphragm pumps and roller pumps
Tall Blade Impeller design - higher pressure at standard engine speeds
All Polypropylene corrosion resistant construction
The 204R motor requires 4 GPM (15.1 LPM) maximum hydraulic fluid input
Integral Needle Valve bypasses up to 9 GPM (34 LPM) on Open Center Systems
Standard Viton Carbon/Ceramic or Optional Severe Duty Silicon Carbide Mechanical Seal
Polypropylene Corrosion Resistant Construction
Stainless Steel Shaft and Hardware

Recommended for:
Pressure Compensating Closed Center Systems
Open Center Systems up to 13 GPM (49.2 LPM) using internal needle valve

Poly centrifugal driven by a 4 GPM hydraulic motor with integral needle valve
Max Flow: 25 GPM
Max Pressure: 100 PSI
Maximum Fluid Temp: 140°F
Suction: 1"
Discharge: 3/4"


Do Not Run Dry - Seal damage will result from running dry. Impeller damage may also occur if run dry for an extended period
Do Not Run With Flow Shutoff for Extended Periods - Running the pump with no flow for extended periods of time will result in excessive heat and pump failure. A continuous bypass is recommended for low flow applications

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