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Ace Hydraulic Motor For Open & Closed Center Systems w/ Integral Needle Valve BAC-75-HYD-206

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Comes With Seal Support Spacer, 2 Couplers & Motor Bolts
Ace Pump Hydraulic Motor 7 GPM for Open and Closed Center Systems with Integral Needle Valve.
Used on Ace Tractor Hydraulic System Driven Centrifugal Pumps.

The Seal Support Spacer is designed to provide additional support for the cartridge type (L) hydraulic
motor seal. The retaining ring is removed from the hydraulic motor when the spacer is installed allowing
the hydraulic seal to rest directly against the Seal Support Spacer.
Pressure spikes in excess of 3000 PSI may occur when hydraulic oil is returned to the hydraulic valve
and the pump is turned off in the neutral position. The spacer supports the motor seal during
momentary spikes and prevents seal case distortion, which results in seal leakage.
Using the cartridge type seal with the Seal Support Spacer will prevent seal failures when returning
hydraulic oil to most hydraulic valves.

1. Install the seal support spacer into the coupler cavity:
S200 - Place the end with the large diameter against the pump mounting frame rear bearing
retaining ring.
S300 - Insert seal support spacer into coupler cavity against the pump mounting frame rear bearing
retaining ring. Orientation is not important for S300.
Do not re-install the shaft seal retaining ring in the motor drive plate.
3. Pack open areas of coupler cavity with grease.
4. Install motor aligning the shaft tang with coupler slot.
5. Install 4 motor bolts.

1. Remove four motor bolts.
2. Remove motor from pump assembly.
Note: Do not lose coupler.
3. Remove grease from coupler cavity.
4. Remove motor shaft seal retaining ring from drive plate.
Warning: Never operate the hydraulic motor when
detached from pump mounting frame.
Hydraulic seal may blow out causing bodily injury.
5. Inspect motor seal. Replace motor seal if leaking, seal casing is deformed, or lips appear damaged.

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