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Zenith Universal Updraft Carburetor USA Made 12522

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It is your responsibility to make sure you are getting the right part, so check your ID # it could be stamped or tagged on your Carburetor!
Replaces the following Marvel Schebler Carburetors:

TSX13, TSX34, TSX38, TSX39, TSX42, TSX44, TSX45, TSX55, TSX76, TSX78, TSX79, TSX80, TSX88, TSX89, TSX91, TSX94, TSX95, TSX96, TSX98, TSX101, TSX102, TSX113, TSX114, TSX119, TSX128, TSX132, TSX133, TSX134, TSX136, TSX137, TSX142, TSX144, TSX150, TSX151, TSX154, TSX155, TSX156, TSX157, TSX159, TSX161, TSX171, TSX179, TSX180, TSX183, TSX184, TSX188, TSX197, TSX198, TSX202, TSX211, TSX231, TSX246, TSX253, TSX254,TSX258, TSX266, TSX269, TSX274, TSX286, TSX287, TSX288, TSX290, TSX301, TSX305, TSX306, TSX308, TSX312, TSX319, TSX328, TSX333, TSX341, TSX348, TSX359, TSX361A, TSX363, TSX367, TSX368, TSX370, TSX377, TSX380, TSX388, TSX400, TSX403, TSX405, TSX407, TSX418, TSX422, TSX423, TSX447, TSX448, TSX450, TSX452, TSX453, TSX455, TSX458, TSX465, TSX459, TSX468, TSX470, TSX472, TSX474, TSX481, TSX510, TSX516, TSX532, TSX541, TSX606, TSX646, TSX653, TSX655, TSX665, TSX668, TSX671, TSX691, TSX709, TSX744, TSX748, TSX753, TSX776, TSX787, TSX796, TSX803, TSX818, TSX827, TSX841, TSX926, OS466, OS467, OS656.

Replaces the following Zenith Carburetors:

10131, 10457, 10537, 10748, 10955, 11595, 11772, 12115, 12122, 12123, 12349, 12225, 12285, 12475, 12613, 12632, 12658, 12749, 13308, 13615, 13719, 13803, 13825, 13895, 13971, 13975, 9741, 9752.

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