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Weasler 1" Bore x 15 Spline Clamp Lawn & Garden Yoke w/ Bolt Holes & Set Screw 6N Series 807-0615

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Tractor Yoke - The PTO assembly begins with this type of yoke. It is connected to the tractor and then used to attach the driveline. There are two main types of tractor yokes. The first type is a spring-lok, which uses a spring-loaded collar to attach and release the yoke and the second type is a quick disconnect, which uses a push-pin mechanism for connectivity.
The tractor yoke can also be designated as 6-spline, 20-spline or 21-spline representing how it matches to the connection on the tractor. This can be identified by counting the notches on the inside of the yoke collar.

Bore 1 1.00 inches 25 mm
Bore 1 1-15 SPLINE
Connection 1 CLAMP
Height 2.50 inches 64 mm
HP@1000RPM 29 HP 22 kilowatts
HP@540RPM 19 HP 14 kilowatts
Length 2.50 inches 64 mm
Shipping Dimensions 3.17" L  ×  2.5" H  ×  1.56" W 8cm L  ×  6cm H  ×  4cm W
Shipping Volume 12.36 in3 203 cm3
Shipping Weight 1.00 pounds 0 kilograms
Weight 1.00 pounds 0 kilograms
Width 1.56 inches 40 mm


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