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Weasler 1-7/8" (48 MM) Lemon Shaped Outer Profile Yoke II Series 700-7848

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An accurate way to determine which series of PTO you have is to take two measurements of the cross and bearing kit on the tractor-end of the driveline. Using calipers, first measure the outside diameters of the u-joint caps, which would be the same as measuring the inside holes of the yoke ears.

Secondly, measure the u-joint end-to-end both ways. Match these measurements using a cross and bearing identification chart (Metric or North American) and the remaining PTO components needed for the complete driveline required can be determined with ease.
How to Identify an Agricultural PTO Driveline (Non-CV).
An agricultural power take-off (PTO) driveline is a drive-shaft type device that connects a tractor to the farming implement it needs to operate. The connection provided by the driveline allows the implement to draw power directly from the tractor’s engine. Much like fluid hydraulic mechanisms, PTO drivelines will eventually break down from the rigors of daily farming projects and need to be replaced or repaired. When it is necessary to replace or repair a PTO driveline, it is important to choose the correct components applicable to the specific equipment in use. In order to choose the replacements correctly, you will need to know the answers to these four questions about your particular driveline:
1. What type of equipment will the driveline be used for? (Identify by application).
2. What are the individual driveline components that need to be replaced?
3. What is the shape of the shaft and tube? (This indicates whether the driveline is North American or Metric).
4. What are the dimensions of the cross kit? (This determines the series of the driveline).

Bore 1 1.88 inches 48 mm
Bore 1 48 MM LEMON
Connection 1 ROLL PIN
Height 4.09 inches 104 mm
Length 3.46 inches 88 mm
Shipping Dimensions 4.43" L  ×  4.09" H  ×  2.76" W 11cm L  ×  10cm H  ×  7cm W
Shipping Volume 50.01 in3 820 cm3
Shipping Weight 3.20 pounds 1 kilograms
Weight 3.20 pounds 1 kilograms
Width 2.76 inches 70 mm

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