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U-Joint. 34.94 mm x 106.5 mm Weasler 80 Equal Arm CV 203-6806

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P-Kits are the Weasler Profile metric version of the R-Kit. P-Kits are standard and offer a highquality lube cycle of 8 hours which is acceptable for many applications. P-kits and E-kits are interchangeable for all available Weasler series as well as with standard cross and bearing sets in the market. This means that a Weasler PTO drive shaft with P-kits can still be upgraded to E-kits or M-kits.

• Lubrication cycle of up to 8 hours.
• Interchangeable with standard profile metric cross and bearing kits available in the market.
• Easier grease access through the guard, no need to remove guard.

• A blue seal with grease fitting makes it fast and easy to find a P-Kit.

Bearing Diameter 1.37 inches 35 mm
Bearing Span 4.18 inches 106 mm
Bearing Diameter 1.37 inches 35 mm
Bearing Span 4.18 inches 106 mm
Length 4.18 inches 106 mm
Width 4.18 inches 106 mm
Height 1.37 inches 35 mm
Weight 2.60 pounds 1 kilograms
Shipping Dimensions 4.189" L  ×  1.374" H  ×  4.189" W 11cm L  ×  3cm H  ×  11cm W
Shipping Volume 24.11 in3 395 cm3
Shipping Weight 2.60 pounds 1 kilograms
HP@540RPM 117 HP 87 kilowatts
HP@1000RPM 179 HP 133 kilowatts
Kit Type P

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