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TeeJet TK-1 FloodJet Brass Wide Angle Flat Spray Tip 0.2 GPM 40 PSI TK-1

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TeeJet TK-1 FloodJet Spray Nozzles.
0.2 GPM @ 40 PSI.
Brass construction.
Wide deflector-type spray pattern.
Pressure Range: 10-40 PSI.

The revolutionary Quick Turbo FloodJet nozzle combines the precision and uniformity of a flat spray nozzle with the clog-resistance and wide angle pattern of flooding nozzles. It uses an exclusive new design to increase droplet size and distribution uniformity


Features : 


■ Excellent spray distribution for uniform coverage along the boom.


■ Nozzle design incorporates a pre-orifice  to produce larger droplets for less drift.


■ Large, round orifice reduces clogging.


■ 1.269 (32 mm) diameter tip body fits into  3/49 cam lever coupling


■ Can be used with CP25600-*-NYR  Quick TeeJet® cap and gasket for  automatic alignment. Reference  page 64 for more information..


Applications :


■ Excellent for Soil Applied Herbicides
■ Very Good for Post-Emergence Systemic Herbicides
■ Very Good for Systemic Fungicides
■ Very Good for Systemic Insecticides
■ Excellent for Drift Management


QCT Cam Lever Coupling Adapter 


■ Provides easy change over from high capacity to lower capacity nozzles


■ Adapter fits standard 3/4" Cam lever coupling.


■ Corrosion-resistant stainless steel  and polypropylene construction


■ Use QJT-NYB to retrofit to  Quick TeeJet. 


FloodJet Application Rate Chart




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