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TeeJet Real-view Camera w/ Mount Fits All Matrix GPS Units (20' Cable Included) 90-02661 & 45-05617

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90-02661 & 45-05617
2.00 LBS

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20' Cable Included. The TeeJet Real-view Camera with Mount can easily be mounted anywhere. With this camera, operators have the ability to see what is ahead, behind, and in hard-to-monitor implement locations. The display console is easy to use, and it functions with up to 8 cameras.


RealView cameras can be easily mounted anywhere. Operators can choose to see what's ahead, what's behind or hard-to-monitor implement locations. Up to 8 cameras can be used. Changing what's being displayed on the console is a simple tap on the touch screen.

The video display can help relieve stress and fatigue by providing more information at row ends and about hard-to-see implement operations. RealView cameras offer strong nighttime illumination, sun shading, water and dustproof enclosures and durable RAM mountings

The Matrix Pro guidance system uses RealView cameras for guidance over video. Most growers mount a RealView camera to the cab to provide video of what's ahead. However, camera placement is entirely up to you. You can use up to eight cameras with Matrix Pro allowing you to monitor multiple equipment operations or field activities. All video is displayed on the Matrix Pro console.


RealView cameras capture crisp images over a wide range of distances and lighting conditions from full sunlight to total darkness
Nighttime camera viewing distance extends up to 60 ft
Dust and water-resistant construction ensure long service life and reliable performance
Sturdy RAM mount for easy installation and adjustment anywhere


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