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TeeJet FloodJet Brown Stainless Steel Wide Angle Flat Spray Tip 0.5 GPM 40 PSI TK-VS2.5

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TeeJet FloodJet Brown Stainless Steel Wide Angle Flat Spray Tip 0.5 GPM 40 PSI

The Wide Angle Flat Spray Tip design is highly effective with systemic products and allows for excellent drift management. In addition, the design allows for uniform coverage along the boom, and each tip is color coded.
Stainless steel with VisiFlo color-coding
Larger droplets produced due to pre-orifice in nozzle design

The revolutionary Quick Turbo FloodJet nozzle combines the precision and uniformity of a flat spray nozzle with the clog-resistance and wide angle pattern of flooding nozzles. It uses an exclusive new design to increase droplet size and distribution uniformity

Features : 

■ Excellent spray distribution for uniform coverage along the boom.

■ Nozzle design incorporates a pre-orifice  to produce larger droplets for less drift.

■ Large, round orifice reduces clogging.

■ 1.269 (32 mm) diameter tip body fits into  3/49 cam lever coupling

■ Can be used with CP25600-*-NYR  Quick TeeJet® cap and gasket for  automatic alignment. Reference  page 64 for more information..

Applications :

■ Excellent for Soil Applied Herbicides
■ Very Good for Post-Emergence Systemic Herbicides
■ Very Good for Systemic Fungicides
■ Very Good for Systemic Insecticides
■ Excellent for Drift Management

QCT Cam Lever Coupling Adapter 

■ Provides easy change over from high capacity to lower capacity nozzles

■ Adapter fits standard 3/4" Cam lever coupling.

■ Corrosion-resistant stainless steel  and polypropylene construction

■ Use QJT-NYB to retrofit to  Quick TeeJet. 

FloodJet Application Rate Chart


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