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Guardian spray tips are ready to attack from every angle. Ideal for insecticide and fungicide applications, the Guardian’s unique 20° inclined spray pattern allows users to adjust the spray rearward, forward or as a twin spray to best suit the application target.

Delivers a more consistent droplet and spray pattern, making it versatile for more rates and speeds. All-in-one FastCap Complete™ design eliminates loose tips, caps, gaskets and strainers for easier installation and safer handling. The wide 120° pattern is inclined 20° to enhance application versatility. A bold arrow clearly indicates incline direction for easy installation. Aim rearward for general spraying and to target broadleaf canopies and horizontal leaves. Aim forward to hit vertical targets, small-bladed grasses, and the upper canopy. Alternate nozzles forward and rearward to create a twin spray in a dense canopy.

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