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AI Turbo Twinjet

■ Very Good for Soil Applied Herbicides
■ Good for Post-Emergence Contact Herbicides
■ Excellent for Post-Emergence Systemic Herbicides
■ Good for Contact Fungicides
■ Excellent for Systemic Fungicides
■ Good for Contact Insecticides
■ Excellent for Systemic Insecticides
■ Excellent for Drift Management


■ Air induction with dual 110° flat fan patterns
■ 60° between leading and trailing spray patterns
■ Good coverage with increased canopy penetration and best drift control
■ Best suited for postemergence applications
■ Excellent drift control with coarse to very coarse droplets
■ Automatic spray alignment when used with 25598-3-NYR (02€“06) or 98579-1-NYR (08€“15) Quick TeeJet cap and gasket.

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