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1 GPM Demaned Pump 12 volt 40 PSI, Diaphragm Pump Low Flow. Shurflo SLV10-AA40

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SKU#: SLV10-AA40

1 GPM Demand pump w/ Integral On/Off switch, 40 PSI Demand switch

The Shurflo SLV Series Diaphragm Pumps are ideal for low volume, intermittent duty applications requiring a compact pump with low power consumption. Unique design has no metals in the fluid path for maximum chemically resistance. Automatic-demand operation and elastomers that handle a wide variety of fluids offer great versatility. Perfect for low volume spraying and transfer. Cost-effective, yet with high performance and reliability; the SLV offers tremendous value.

  • Automatic Demand; 25 PSI [1.72 BAR] On / 40 PSI [2.8 BAR] Off
  • Self-Priming Up to 2.5 Vertical Feet [.76 M]
  • Thermally Protected Ball Motor with Splash-Proof Housing Available
  • Integral On/Off Switch Optional
  • Diaphragm Material:  Santoprene or Geolast

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