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Pistol Pump Oiler 6oz. with 5" Straight Oil Spout, USA Made 600S

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Pistol Pump Oiler 6oz. with 5" Straight Oil Spout, USA Made 

  • Goldenrod® pistol pump oiler
  • 6 oz. capacity
  • 5" straight spout with oil cup cap lifter spout tip
  • Gray plastic container with zinc plated top cap
  • Flared bottom to prevent tipping
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Goldenrod 600-series pistol pump oil cans range in capacity from 6 to 20 ounces. Models 610, 600S, and 606S feature plastic containers for exceptional value, while models 600 through 636 are made of steel. Features of both styles include:

  • Wide bases for added stability
  • Tips on straight spouts have oil cup cap lifter
  • Flexible spouts will hold their position indefinitely
  • Pump stays primed for instant use

Additional features of the steel container models include:

  • Drawn from highest quality steel
  • Double-seamed or copper-brazed, leakproof joints
  • Seamless tubing is used on straight spout models
  • Zinc die-cast high pressure pump with precision ground piston (exclusive with Goldenrod oilers)
  • Models with a case hardened trigger are available

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