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I&T Shop Manuals International Harvester manual. A, AV, B, BN, C, CUB, H, HV, M, MV, MD, MTA, O4, OS4, O6, OS6, W4, W6, W6TA, W6TAD, WD6, WFD6TA, W9, WR9, WD9, WDR9, W400, W400D IH8

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I&T Shop Manuals International Harvester Shop Manual, IH8

I&T Shop Manuals have been the trusted source for tractor shop manuals since 1948.

  • Written for professionals and experienced mechanics
  • Easy-to-use format for quick and handy reference
  • Includes, illustrations, exploded view and photos
  • Manual covers removal, overhaul, installation and adjustment procedures for diesel models: MD, Super MD, MDV, Super MDV, Super MTA, ODS6, WD6, Super WD6, WD9, Super WD9, WDR9, Super WDR9, Super W6TA
  • Gasoline models: A, Super A, AV, Super AV, B, BN, C, Super C, Cub (prior to 1957), H, Super H, HV, Super HV, M, Super M, Super ML

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