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Hypro Poly Bulkhead Sprayer Tank Adapter Fitting 3/4" FPT & 1-5/8" O.D w/ Gasket WBH34

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2.00 LBS

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Hypro WBH34 Bulkhead Fitting Bulkhead Fitting Features
ProClean tank and container nozzles are designed for better and faster cleaning of empty agrochemical containers and the inside of sprayer tanks. Chemically-resistant and durable PVDF polymer construction. ProClean utilizes four fluid-driven rotating jets that target all corners of the container. Powerful single blade jet, directed upwards at 35°, cuts through residues at the base of containers. Utilizes eight fluid-driven rotating jets that cover upper tank surfaces for complete rinsing. Easy operation push-valve is activated with the same force regardless of liquid pressure.

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