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Greenleaf AirMix Low Pressure Blue Poly Spray Nozzle 110° AM11003

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The AirMix® Nozzle is a compact, economical air injection nozzle designed to provide both drift control and surface coverage at conventional spray pressures.

About the AirMax Nozzle 

  • Low Cost 
  • Easy Maintenance (No Tools needed for servicing)
  • Reduces Drift by 50-80% (When compared to conventional low drift nozzles)
  • Excellent Coverage 


  • 15-90 PSI Range
  • Estimated Life (60' Boom , 20" Centers) 15,000-20,000 Acres 
  • The original low pressure, economical air injection nozzle
  • Fits standard caps
  • Excellent for glyphosate application
  • No O-ring to break or lose
  • Medium droplets for contact chemicals
  • Difficult to plug -- Easy to clean

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