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Grease Gun Filler Pump, 25-50 lb./5 Gal., 18" Pump, 12". Cover LX-1302

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Grease Gun Filler Pump, 25-50 lb./5 Gal., 18 Pump, 12 in. Cover. For Bulk Loading Grease Guns equipped with LX-1420, Lumax Filler Nipple. Fast, Easy and Positive Grease Refilling with simple Pumping Action.

Filler socket (LX-1305) helps eliminate waste, mess and air pockets while refilling grease in grease guns
Portable - clamps to any 25-50 lb. (11.5 23 kg.) / 5 Gal. (20 l) straight sided plastic or metal pail
Heavy-duty, LuCast, cast alloy head with heavier and reinforced wall thickness for extra strength and durability all steel construction
All steel construction
1-1/2 in. (40 mm) inlet port oil resistant, contoured grip for comfort and firm grip
Self priming
Delivers 1 lb. (450 g) per 6 strokes
Unit includes: 18 in. (45 cm) long by 1-1/2 (40 mm) Dia suction tube with rust resistant 12 in. (30 cm) ribbed cover assembly with adjusting screw to accommodate variations in drum diameter, follower plate and grease gun filler socket
Optional larger filler socket (LX-1305P)
Zinc plated, corrosion resistant suction tube

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