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Farmer Bob's Story

How We Started

The "original" Farmer Bob grew wheat and corn on a farm in Kansas. He quickly realized that he and other farmers had a hard time finding the parts they needed to fix their farm equipment at a decent price. So, Farmer Bob started selling parts himself to his friends at fair prices and with incredible service.

The Farmer's Friend

Farmer Bob expanded his business from selling to his friends to selling all over Central United States. Farmer Bob continued to be a friend to all farmers through impeccable customer service, high quality parts, a wide range of products, and the best prices.

Farmer Bob's nephew now operates the business and continues his uncle's legacy of high quality parts at reasonable prices.

No matter the Problem, We have the Part!

Farmer Bob prides himself on having a wide range of parts so he can help every farmer, no matter if you have 10 acres of land or 10,000, an old tractor or a high tech sprayer. We have a wide range of products for everyone, and if you don't see what you need, give us a shout!

We have over 80 years of experience in the industry and are happy to help you however we can. Farmer Bob wants to make sure you get the part you need to fix your problem.