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Used Farm Tractor vs. New Tractor | Farmer Bob's Parts

Used Farm Tractor vs. New Tractor | Farmer Bob's Parts

Posted by Bobby the Farmhand on Dec 2nd 2020

Used Tractor vs. New Tractor? 

If you’re shopping for a tractor, it can be easy to be swayed by brand new models. 185,150 new tractors were sold in 2012, which proves that the farming industry is willing to spend big on new equipment.

But there are many advantages to buying a used farm tractor instead. Here are 4 reasons why buying used is sometimes a better choice than buying a new tractor.

A used farm tractor can be much cheaper

New farm equipment is expensive, so buying used equipment makes a lot of sense in terms of avoiding the initial cost.

You can also save on accessories. Trailers, loaders, and replacement parts can be much cheaper second-hand than they are new.

If you have the time to take on a refurbishment project, buying used tractors in need of repair can save loads of cash – though you’ll have to factor in the time you spend on the project to see if it’s worth the effort.

They hold more of their value

The moment you put a brand new piece of equipment into use, it depreciates massively in value – just like a car does.

The ‘cost’ of depreciation isn’t directly realized by the farm until the piece of equipment is sold later in its life. But at that point, it may raise less money than you think, because of depreciation.

Since you’re putting less money into a used farm tractor than a new one, depreciation hits you less hard too.

‘Used’ means ‘tried and tested’

If a tractor has been used, be sure to give it a good once-over before buying it. You might think that ‘used’ means ‘worn out’ but generally this isn’t the case.

A used farm tractor can still be a real asset to your farm. If it has proven itself to be reliable in the field, and there’s no obvious wear and tear that will stop it from working properly, it’s likely a sound bet.

However, if the tractor you’re looking at has leaking seals, rust, or other obvious issues, then it may well have been poorly made in the first place.

This could mean that someone else was unlucky with their brand new tractor and that you dodged a bullet by not buying it!

There are far more options than just buying new

Just because a tractor was made today, that doesn’t mean it’s suitable for your farm’s specific needs.

If you find that on your farm, a certain older model helps you to do things your way more efficiently, you may not want to move with the times just yet.

Looking around the used market gives you far more options than looking solely at new machinery. The same is true for any attachments or accessories you use day-to-day on the farm.

Find your next tractor

If you’re reading this, we know you’re probably on the lookout for your next tractor.

We believe that buying used can often be the best way to save money on farming equipment and to be sure of its reliability.

Browse our used tractors to find a used farm tractor at a surprisingly affordable price.