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Perfect Crop Production | Farmer Bob's Parts

Posted by Bobby the Farmhand on Dec 2nd 2020

Steps to the Perfect Crop Production 

  • Soil management; to have fertile soil and a good crop yield, it is necessary to use adequate soil conservation techniques such as timely and proper tillage, crop rotation and regular monitoring of soil pH
  • Water management; sufficient water amount during the growth stages in which water is the most crucial to achieve planned yield
  • Cropping system management; agro-forestry system integrates, on the same farmland, crops and trees together for farming, producing fruit and raising livestock
  • Fertilization; regular addition of manure and other biological fertilizers to enhance soil matter; adding of plant nutrients (N, P, K and micro-nutrients) according to crop needs and phenophases
  • Planting/sowing; sowing of certified seeds, resistant varieties and proper planting time and care
  • Crop maintenance; regular maintenance of plant and row space in orchard or weed cultivation in the fields of vegetables and arable crops
  • Protection management; on-time insect pest, disease and weed protection with biological, mechanical or chemical products
  • Harvesting; harvesting of fruits in physiological and technological maturity with proper fruit handling; care should be taken on waiting period after pesticide treatment
  • Storage; fruits must be stored in adequate temperature, humidity, and space conditions.