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Ace Belt Driven Centrifugal Pump 20-Spline 1.25" Suction x 1" Discharge @ 65 GPM PTOC-1000-20SP

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50.00 LBS

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Suction 1-1/4" Female Pipe Thread
Discharge 1" Female Pipe Thread
Chemical Resistant Valox Impeller
Standard Viton Carbon/Ceramic Mechanical Seal
Spring loaded idler absorbs shock of PTO engagement
New BAC-15-PIN feature ensures proper alignment
Cast iron centrifugal with for direct mount on 20 spline, 1-3/4", 1000 RPM PTO Shaft
Maximum Gallons Per Minute - 65 GPM
Maximum PSI - 80 PSI
Do Not Run Dry - Seal damage will result from running dry. Impeller damage may also occur if run dry for an extended period.
Do Not Run With Flow Shutoff For Extended Periods - Running the pump with no flow for extended periods of time will result in excessive heat and pump failure. A continuous bypass is recommended for low flow applications


The original belt drive standard since 1964.
Time tested and field proven design.
Widespread parts and service availability.
Most Economical belt drive.
20 spline 1-3/4" (44.5 MM) split bore shaft with locking collar for larger 1000 RPM PTO Models.
Port sizes: Inlet 1-1/4" NPT, Outlet 1" NPT.
Max Pressure: 80 PSI
Max Flow: 65 GPM
Weight: 50 lbs

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