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6815 Brass Valve 3/4" TeeJet 6815-3/4-300

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This TeeJet 6815 Relief Valve is a pressure regulator that is adjustable to maintain the control of line pressure for diaphragm, roller, and piston pumps.

The piston-type relief valve by TeeJet / Spraying Systems has a solid brass body with hardened stainless steel valve seats that provide longer life by resisting wear and enabling for more accurate control of pressure. Its extra large valve passage provides full flow through the valve with minimal pressure loss.

It is reported numerous times that if there are low pressure problems with a pump, the problem may be caused by the relief valve. You can check if the relief valve is the problem by simply turning on your spraying system, and looking inside the tank to see if you're getting lots of return back to the tank. If you are, then the relief valve is weak. Also, if a pressure relief valve is failing, it will allow all the pressure to return to the tank. If flow is restricted from the return line, the pump may experience damage.

Max. Flow: 56 GPM @ 100 PSI
Max. Pressure: 300 PSI (for 300 PSI model)
Max. Pressure: 700 PSI (for 700 PSI model)
Port Size: Choose between 1/2" and 3/4" (male NPT inlet and female NPT outlet)
300 PSI model is recommended for the Hypro 4101C and 6500C Roller Pumps
700 PSI model is recommended for the Hypro 5210C and 5315C-HRX Piston Pumps

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