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4" x 36" Hydraulic Cylinder 2” Rod - 46.25" Retracted & 82.25" Extended M4036

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This hydraulic cylinder has a 4" bore and a 36" stroke with a retracted length of 46-1/4" and an extended length of 82-1/4". Hydraulic cylinders are constructed from high strength steel and zinc plated for tough conditions on the job or farm.

Bore: 4"
Stroke: 36"
Rod Diameter: 2"
Retracted Length: 46-1/4"
Extended Length: 82-1/4"
Pin Diameter: 1"
Port Size: 1/2" NPTF
PSI: 2500
Recommended operating temperature range: -30 to 105°C (-22 to 221°F)



A hydraulic cylinder is a mechanical actuator used to provide unidirectional force through a unidirectional stroke. Hydraulic cylinders are used in almost every industry and are available in a variety of configurations. The two main types of hydraulic cylinders are Tie-rod and Welded. Each of these cylinder types can have unique applications due to their designs. Tie-rod cylinders are usually installed in light to medium duty applications and are generally designed to be repaired or re-packed if necessary. Welded cylinders are designed for most applications and are more complex in design but are generally more difficult to repair due to the welded design. Welded cylinders are typically a better solution due to their compact design and when a more robust design is important in an application.


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