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1" Castle 598Nut for Output shaft On 40hp & 75hp Gear Boxes 69197

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Place this steel constructed blade hub on active gearboxes, so that the safe operation continues. The overall height measures 2 inches tall with a 1/4 inch tall lip from the center for additional stability. The overall diameter of this steel hub measures 2-7/8 inches and the 12 splined center measures 1-1/2 inch in diameter. This gearbox hub is designed for use with Farmer Bob's 40hp gearboxes for a variety of agricultural applications.

Blade Hub
Used for our 40 hp Gearboxes
Construction: Steel
Overall height: 2 in. with 1/4 in. lip
Overall diameter: 2-7/8 in.
12 spline
Center diameter: 1-1/2 in.
Splines are tapered slightly

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